Conference Presentations

2017 Red Meat Sector Conference Presentations

Trade Workshop

CLARE KELLY: Opening doors for business

Social License to Operate

DR MICHAEL LEE: Anti-consumption and consumer resistance Presentation not available

DR JANICE WRIGHT: Environmental matters

Trade Matters

BLAKE HOLGATE: Maximising the value of the New Zealand red meat sector

PANEL DISCUSSION - CLARE KELLY, MIKE PETERSEN and ROGER SMITH: New Zealand's role in a disrupted trade environment to deliver opportunities for the meat sector. Clare Kelly's presentation

Our Story

NICK BEEBY: Developing the red meat story

DR CAMERON CRAIGIE and NEVILLE JOPSON: Genetics and breeding for consumer preferences

The Future of Food

DR NICHOLAS ARCHER: Global consumer food trends and genetic preferences

KATY BLUETT: Talking with cows on the internet of things

Opportunities in the Red Meat Sector

CRAIG RISPIN: Creating demand for authentic meat 

MELISSA CLARK-REYNOLDS: Opportunities for the red meat sector

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